Contact Lenses

Dr Kissack has been fitting specialty contact lenses for years. He came to Rochester over 30 years ago to work for Bausch & Lomb as Director of the Soflens research clinic. Later he worked for CooperVision as Director of their research clinic.

Since beginning his practice in Honeoye Falls, Dr Kissack has worked in clinical investigations that have brought new products to the field such as soft contact lenses for astigmatism and bifocal soft contact lenses that he fits in the practice. No one knows more about fitting all types of contact lenses.

New materials are always being brought to the market that provides better health to patient’s eyes with excellent comfort and clear sharp vision. Dr Kissack will fit you with lenses that fit into your lifestyle whether you only want them only for athletics, for your vocation or for full time wear. Whether you want them for daily wear or continuous wear, Dr Kissack will find the best lenses for as little price as possible.

It is most important not only to find the best contact lenses for you but the best solution regimen that works efficiently with your lenses. Patients who want only lenses for less frequency may be best suited for daily disposables and therefore no cases or solutions will be necessary. Some who wear lenses for daily wear will need a solution that best cleans and disinfects their lenses but allows for good comfort especially those who have sensitive eyes or seasonal allergies. There is the right combination for each and every patient.

When you are having your eyes examined by Dr Kissack, ask if you are interested in contact lenses; not as a substitute for glasses, but as an alternative eyewear for sports, day wear, and special occasions. Try some on. You might be surprised how comfortable and how well you see. It is nice to have a choice between glasses and contact lenses for your vision needs.